Sermon Recap (in case you missed it….)

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“Flawed but Favoured” (Genesis 27:1-4, 15-23; 28:10-17)
September 22, 2013

Today, we heard about a young man who had made a whole pile of mistakes with his life–hard core substance abuser by the age of 9, armed robber before he was 30. Negligent father. Unfaithful husband. We encounter him on his night of personal reckoning–the night when he knows that his time is going to run out–and the people who were looking for him will find him and take his life. And those of us who hear his story (this was taken from a book) are asked a question: “Could he still be a saved soul?”

And I asked -in addition to that- “What do you think you think should happen to this guy?”
Once again, the congregation shares their perspectives easily…….

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Sermon Recap (in case you missed it)

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So our sermon time began with me asking the congregation what they thought of Genesis 21:1-3 and 22:1-14.

When the scriptures are as challenging as this one, I like to get a sense of what people are hearing in the story. Sometimes- if a story is really difficult, people can’t hear past their own personal perspectives if they can’t name what they’re thinking publicly.

The people weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts…..

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Youth Group

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We are trying to determine the interest for a youth group program this fall. The youth group is open for youth 13 years and older. We meet once a week on Thursday evenings. Please check with your children, grandchildren, neighbours kids etc. to see whether they are interested in participating and inform Gerrit van der Weg of any interest. Please click the >> button fill out a contact form.

Alzheimer Coffee Break

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CB hotspotYou are invited to an Alzheimer Coffee Break on Sunday, September 15 following the regular church service. An opportunity will be provided to make a donation to the Alzheimer Society of Simcoe County. Please help out by using the sign up sheet in the fellowship hall to provide fruit bread (zucchini, date, lemon etc.) to enjoy with your tea or coffee.