Bring Your Own Tableware: AGM done differently, Sun. Feb 2.

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Lunch MeetingWe re trying a new format for the Annual meeting to hopefully save time!

a) Fundraising discussion will be held in the sanctuary right after the service. 

b)Pot-luck lunch to follow.Please bring your own cutlery, cup and plate (to eliminate washing dishes)

c) Annual Meeting will occur while we’re eating lunch (working lunch format). 

d)After our lunch meeting ,we ask you to stay for a short time,if possible, and help pack up the kitchen in preparation for the renovation project.

All are welcome! See you there!

What’s in the box? Godly Play for Adults @ 8:30am Sunday, Feb 2

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Parable BoxHmmm…..I’m already wondering about this box. It’s a GOLD box…so that must mean what’s inside is special. I wonder if it’s a mystery–or if it’s beautiful…or if it’s something precious from a long time ago. What do you think is inside? Find out what’s inside at “Godly Play for Adults” on Sunday, February 2 at 8:30a.m. at the church. Coffee, fellowship and safe-space to wonder are waiting for you!